Wendy Vu

Emovu is a visual artist based in Toronto. She expresses her emotions and past traumas through multimedia that invokes feelings of loneliness, nostalgia, reminiscence and isolation. Her experiences with love and friendship inspire her work which she uses as a healing process and a way to communicate with others. Her best friend introduced her to photography in 2014, leading her to pursue her passion for photography and film. After losing her best friend, Wendy continued to push through and keep creating content — making the act of creating the source of her happiness.

Dead Memories

“The image on the t-shirt is a photo that I took of my best friend about 1 year ago at Dundas station. It was our first year in post-secondary and we both managed to find some time to hang out and shop downtown. We bought so many things and ate good food. It was a chilly night at City Hall, I took many photos of her and we caught up for a bit. It was late so we left and I took that photo of her when I called her name. It was a memorable day that I wish I could experience again. Those memories are probably dead to you but remember we were there to listen to each other as always and that it still means something to me. I am also the reason why those memories are dead in the first place.”
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Photos by Wendy Vu, 2018